WIP-Rachael's Baby Quilt

My daughter's friend Rachael is going to be having a baby girl. My daughter wanted to give her a handmade baby quilt. She asked Rachael what colors she wanted and this is what she said. "I like purple, pink, zebra and cheetah prints". Here are our fabrics, we got lucky and found the pink in a cheetah print. 

My daughter is just learning to sew and has a very busy schedule between work and school. I decided to design an easy 3 fabric rail quilt. That way if she didn't have time to work on it, I could whip it out in a day. Here is the design I came up with.

I have cut the strips and sewed one together.  

I have also cut the strip into five 8½" blocks.

I will be sewing all the strips and my daughter will be assembling the quilt. She still needs to pick out a backing but she will do that when the top is done.

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