Friday, September 11, 2015

Scarf Decoupage Pumpkins

I took a little break from sewing to make some decoupage pumpkins.

I was looking through Pinterest for Fall decorating ideas when I came across these cute SILK SCARF PUMPKINS. I decided to give it a try and make some for myself.

I had some pumpkins here and bought 2 more at the Dollar Tree. I bought 2 cheap scarves. One from a thrift store which was silk and another from the Dollar Tree which was polyester. I also found 2 nice picks at Michael's to use on the tops.

The trick is to make sure you cut your scarf pieces small enough. The first one that I did the pieces were a little big. I had a hard time making it smooth. I also found that the polyester fabric was trickier to apply. The silk went on nicely. I used orange pumpkins because the were cheap but if you want the scarf colors to show up better I would suggest using the more expensive white pumpkins. 

I think that they came out very nice.

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  1. That's a very interesting idea. Cute finish.

  2. I thought so too. They were fun to make.

  3. I need a centerpiece for my table when our bee meets at my house in November. Now I know exactly what I will be making. These are beautiful. I'm thinking of painting the pumpkins white or cream first.

    1. The colors of the scarf will show up better on a white or cream pumpkin.

  4. I think those are fantastic! Great idea.

    1. Thanks,
      but I can't take credit for the idea, only the pumpkins that I made.


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