Thursday, March 26, 2015

Baby Hedgehogs - Baby Quilt

So I found out that I am going to have another nephew. Yippee, I am so happy. He will also be born on my husbands birthday in July, which is pretty cool. Anyway awhile back I bought a ¼ yard of this really cute mini hedgehog material from a quilt shop.

It was such a fun fabric that I couldn't resist. When I got the news of the new baby I wanted to do a baby quilt using this fabric. I designed something easy on my EQ7  and printed out the yardage. I was going to need a yard of this fabric to make the design that I wanted. The search began. I thought I found it on so I ordered it.  Two weeks later my package was here. I opened it up and just about cried. It was the hedgehog fabric but in a much larger scale. Frantically, I search the internet, I found a yard of mini hedgehog fabric at Quiltwear on Etsy. Still waiting for the fabric, it should be here today. Crossing my fingers that it is the right fabric. I already have some of the blocks made using the ¼ yard of fabric that I already had. Here is a picture of my EQ7 design. I used the black and grey blocks because the family are huge Raider fans.

The black border is still up in the air, not sure if I am going to keep it that color. 


Thursday, March 12, 2015

A day with my daughter

Today I got to spend a whole day with my daughter. We ran a few errands in the morning. Went to Olive Garden for lunch. Took the dogs for a short hike at Fort Ord National Monument. Then came home and made a pillow case. She wanted to learn how to sew. I taught he how to make a burrito pillow case. She had so much fun. Now she is going to make some for Christmas presents.

This is her pinning

and sewing (sorry for a dark picture). 

Her finished project. She did great and was so proud that she made something on her own (well a tiny bit of help from mom).

It came out great.