Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dragonflies and Lattice updates

I have become frustrated and practically crying. When piecing this quilt, my piecing was a little bit off, which made my blocks not line up properly. I was practically in tears when I started putting the rows together.

There is nothing I can do. This quilt is for my niece and I wanted it to look nice. It didn't have to be perfect, but this is way off.

I did find this dragon fly template to to use for quilting the middle of the dragonfly square blocks.
The finished product will be shown soon.

Update 2

I have decided to rip the quilt apart and re-square the blocks. I hope this will fix the problem. In the mean time I am sewing together a quick quilt top in case I can't fix this one.

Update 3

Quilt top is done and ready to quilt. Thanks to the best husband in the world. My dear husband re-squared all 48 blocks for me. It took some time but he managed to fix all of them. I put a orange border around it to make up for the lost inches, but it looks great. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dragonflies and Lattice

I saw this nice quilt from Moda Bake Shop.
Thought it would make a nice Graduation/off to college quilt for my niece.   I love making quilts but I am on a really tight budget. I get most of my fabrics from Walmart or the second hand store that I volunteer at. I had leftover jelly roll strips from a baby quilt that I just finished. I also used some white that I had on hand. I didn't like all that solid (what looked like grey) fabric so I went with a black based dragonfly pattern for the squares and orange for the rest. As for the orange and the dragonfly material I was able to get it on sale.

I made a sample block first with some scrap fabric that I had. Just to see it I could make the block. It came out fine (this block will be use in a sample block quilt when I have enough blocks).

Here are the fabrics that I chose.

Now that everything is cut and ready to go I will be starting to put the pieces together tonight. I will be posting updates on how it is coming together.

Here is a block with the fabrics chosen. I think it is going to look great when finished.