Gone Fishing Quilt Update 1

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have the top of the Fishing Quilt almost put together.

I would have been done with the top a long time ago if I could have decided on the material for the borders. Here are some pictures  of it laid out on the bed. I still have to finish 1 outside panel then sew panels to center panel. Then measure, cut and attach outside borders. I still have to get the batting then it's off to be quilted.

By the way the cat is out of the bag. Hubby has seen it and likes it alot.


  1. where did you get this panel I love it I live in newfoundland and can't find one anywhere,please let me know I love to buy 2 or 3 of them.my email address is kim_cori@hotmail.com.

    1. Here is the website where I purchased the panel for the quilt; http://store.jerisquiltpatch.com/

      Here is the page where you can buy it; http://store.jerisquiltpatch.com/cflficlfatqu.html

      There are still some available. Just copy and paste the web address to your browser search bar.


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