Thursday, November 17, 2011

No-Knit Scarf - Wearable

No-Knit Scarf: - Create this easy no-knit scarf in time to wear tomorrow with this free how-to series from Beverly's!

•Yarn (chunky or bulky)
•Fun Fur

1) Cut yarn, fun fur, ribbon trim and cording into two yard pieces.
We used the following:
•Yarn #1 – 8 pieces
•Yarn #2 – 8 pieces
•Fun Fur – 6 pieces
•Picot Edge Ribbon – 1 piece
•1/4 inch Satin Ribbon – 1 piece
•Gold & Burgundy Trim – 2 piece
•Gold & Burgundy Cord – 2 pieces
•Gold Cord – 4 pieces
2) Tie an overhand knot at the center of the fibers.
3) Working down one side, tie a second knot about 6 inches from the center knot.
4) Separate fibers after second knot into two sections, keeping wide trim pieces separate; braid each of the other sections for about 4 inches.
5) Tie a knot under braids. Tie another knot about 6 inches below.
6) Separate fibers into 4 to 6 groups; knot each group near the ends.
7) Repeat for second side of scarf, but braid between third & fourth knots for variety.
8) Trim ends and your new scarf is ready to wear or give as a gift!

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