Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow & Ice Jewelry Set

Bead your own boutique-worthy accessories in sparkling winter shades. You'll love the look!

size: approx 8"

you'll need


• Beadalon® Silver-Plated findings: eight 2" headpins, two French ear wires, lobster clasp
• Artistic Wire® Non-Tarnish Silver wire, 18-gauge
• Swarovski Elements Aquamarine (202) bicone crystals: eight 4mm, two 6mm
• Swarovski Elements White crystal pearls, four 6mm
• Oval cracked glass beads, 12
• Fluted silver spacer beads, 10
• Round AB finish cut glass beads, four 8mm
• Silver snowflake charm


• Pliers: round-nosed, chain-nosed
• Wire snips

what to do


1 Thread beads as shown onto two head pins to create earring dangles.

2 Use chain-nosed pliers to bend each headpin at a 90° angle about ¼" from top bead. Wrap headpin around round-nosed pliers to create loop. Wrap excess wire three times around headpin; trim excess.

3 Use chain-nosed pliers to open loop at bottom of ear wire, add earring dangle, and then close ear wire loop.


1 Thread assorted beads as shown onto six headpins. Repeat Earrings Step 2 to create a wrapped-wire loop at top of each headpin.

2 Use wire snips to cut twelve 1-¼" lengths from 18-gauge wire.

3 Use chain-nosed pliers to bend one wire length at a 90° angle about ½" from one end. Use round-nosed pliers to create a loop. Thread one oval bead onto wire. Create a second loop at opposite wire end. Create a total of 12 beaded links.

4 Use chain-nosed pliers to open one end of each link. Join links by inserting closed end of one link into open end of another, then closing links. Attach lobster clasp to last open end of bracelet.

5 Embellish bracelet with snowflake charm and beaded baubles created in Step 1 as shown. Open link and insert loop of charm or bauble; close link.

Tip: Add as many or as few charms and baubles as you wish. This bracelet style offers unlimited design options.

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