Goldfinger Necklace & Earrings

Rich, saturated shades of khaki green and indigo blue warm up cold winter nights with flashes of gold crystal pearl and metal accents.


12 indicolite blue Swarovski crystal square channel links
Swarovski crystal bicone beads: 8 (6mm) indicolite blue and 18 (6mm) khaki green
9 (8mm) gold crystal pearls
Gold 12mm flat disk spacers with open centers: 8 (2-hole), 2 (1-hole)
41 large gold jump rings
19 gold eye pins
2 gold French ear wires
Gold toggle clasp
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Flush cutters

Finished Sizes

26 1/4 inches (including clasp)


2 inches long

Project notes: If the bar on toggle clasp will not fit through round end, add jump rings to end of necklace. Make sure to turn eye pin top and bottom loops perpendicular to each other for chain fluidity.



Slide a pearl onto an eye pin; use round-nose pliers to form a loop above pearl. Trim excess wire. Repeat for each pearl. Set aside.

Slide the following onto an eye pin: khaki green bicone bead, indicolite blue bicone bead and a khaki green bicone bead. Form a loop above top bead; trim excess wire. Repeat seven additional times. Set aside.

Open a jump ring and slide on round half of clasp and a square channel link; close jump ring. Using jump rings to attach pieces, connect the following sequence: pearl eye pin, square channel link, bicone-beaded eye pin, 2-hole flat disk spacer, pearl eye pin, 2-hole flat disk spacer and a bicone-beaded eye pin.

Repeat sequence in step 3 three times.

In the same manner, attach a square channel link, remaining pearl eye pin and square channel link.

Open a jump ring and attach to end link. Slide on another jump ring. Close first jump ring. Open last jump ring and slide on remaining half of clasp; close jump ring. Use chain-nose pliers to go back through and close all jump rings securely.


Slide a khaki green bicone bead onto an eye pin; form a loop above bead. Trim excess wire.

Open a jump ring and slide on a square channel link and beaded eye pin; close jump ring. Open another jump ring and slide on opposite loop on beaded eye pin and 1-hole flat disk spacer. Close jump ring.

Open loop on ear wire; slide on remaining loop on square channel link. Close loop.

Repeat steps 1–3 for second earring.

Sources: Swarovski crystal components from Swarovski Ltd.; spacers and findings from Beadalon.


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