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Fabric Quintet Pendant Necklace

Fabric Quintet Pendant Necklace

Create padded fabric pendants for a one-of-a-kind original necklace. Its striking originality, and virtually simplistic assembly, will have friends asking for one as well. Who knew fabric and beads could make such a fashion statement?

You'll need

Surface & Embellishments

• Patera™ Jewelry Pendants, (Nunn Design™), Antique Gold: Rectangle, Large; Square, Large, two; Circle, Large, two.

• Kristal Wick, Batik Beauties Fabric Beads (JHB International): Purple, 1-½", two; Khaki: 1", six; 1-½" two.

• Rocailles Glass Beads, Large (Sulyn Industries).

• Assorted beads: leaf, flower, bird, seed, and more.

Tools & Supplies

• Fabric scraps.

• Light matt board.

• Quilt batting.

• Needles: bead, sewing.

• Thread to coordinate with fabric.

• Toggle Bar and Ring (Nunn Design™).

• Beading wire.

• Crimp beads, two.

• Crimping pliers.

• Wire cutters.

• Gem-Tac Adhesive (Beacon Adhesives).

what to do

1 Cut a piece of mat board to fit inside each pendant; trim rounded corners for rectangles and squares. Adhere a triple layer of quilt batting onto mat boards. Cut fabric scraps approximately ½" beyond board edges. Use pencil to trace around board edges onto wrong side of fabric pieces.

2 Using photo as guide, sew desired bead strings onto right side of fabric pieces taking care to keep bead work within marked pendant shape. Couch beading in place.

3 Use double thread to sew a running stitch around fabric. Gather fabric around padded board; pull gather tightly, taking care not to break thread. Knot and secure thread. Glue padded pieces onto pendants.

4 String pendants onto beading wire between glass and fabric beads as shown. Slide crimp beads onto wire ends then slide toggle bar and ring onto wire ends. Thread wire ends back through crimp beads and crimp in place. Trim excess wire.

(Note: Do not immerse necklace in water or cleaners; spot clean only.)

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