Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project Trio

Well I finally got all three projects done.
They weren't hard to do.
I just had to wait until I had time on Friday to finish them.

You all have seen the candle I did in an earlier post.
Inspired by House of Hepworth.
If you haven't here it is.
Here is the planter that I did to go with it.
This was inspired by Ready, Set, Create. 

I got the planter at Michaels on clearance for $2.00.
Then I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up
3 bundles of long grass.
I already had rocks left over from the candle.
All I did was trim the bottom of the grass to make it shorter.
Stand it up in the planter while I filled with rocks.
Done, total $5.00.
Next I wanted something that would go with the 2,
so I came up with this.
I already had the glass vase that I got from the Dollar Tree.
I picked up a bag of these neat things at the Dollar tree.
Put them in the vase and ta da done only $2.00.

I think the trio came out nice.
Total cost was around $10.00.
I have them temporarily on this little table.
I will be moving them to another location
as soon as my living room is done.


  1. I love the repetition of shapes and colors between the candle jar and the tall vase...

  2. The combo of the "cut glass" on the lamp and the smooth pottery planter with the pebbles in the glass dish is really interesting, especially with the blue accents. Very pretty! I think I have a candle holder that matches your grass planter!

  3. I just ♥ that long grass in that pretty pot! I would be so happy if you come over and check out my newest post. I have a small surprise for you!

  4. It feels so good to create something this nice on a tight budget. You did well. Thanks for posting your idea. Come see this weeks, "Top 5 Hits," at Singing With Birds, and thanks for that inspiration. Have a good one!


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