Monday, May 31, 2010

My Top Picks 5/31

I was blog surfing for projects this past week.
After checking out all the cool blogs.
Here are my favorite for this week.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Made by Jen over at Just Jen.
Please stop by and check out her blog.

Wine Cork Trivet

Made by Kathryn over at I Can't Find The Time.
Swing by at take a look at her blog.

Darling Desk

Made by Shannon over at Posh Pieces.
Please stop by and visit her blog.

Tipsy Pot Planter

Made by Sharon over at Keen Inspirations.
Stop by her blog and say hello.

DIY Fountain

Made by Lisa over at BLJ Graves Studio.
Please stop by and check out her great blog.


  1. What an awesome fountain...I have a huge pot just waiting for me to do this project...I only need the time!


  2. Thanks for the feature!!! I've never been featured before!

    ~Just Jen


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