Friday, May 28, 2010

Dress Hangers

Dress Hangers
Dress up your closet with these stylish hangers.

Finished sizes: Standard size Hangers  6" Dresses  


• 1/6 yd. each of four coordinating fabrics
• Two 3/4" flower buttons*
• Three yds. 1 1/2" green grosgrain flower ribbon
• 1/2 yd. quilt batt*
• Two wood hangers


• 9" x 12" felt*: one each green, teal, pink
• 1/8" buttons: two pink, two blue
• Two 3/4" flower buttons *
• Perle cotton floss: two yds. each orange, pink
• One yd. 1/8" pink ribbon
• 1 oz. polyester stuffing*
• Scallop fabric scissors*


• Sewing machine
• Matching thread
• Rotary cutter & mat
• Embroidery needle
• Fabric glue*
   Paper, pencil, pins, scissors
• Print and cut out full-sized pattern here. Link to pattern.
• If you want, make dresses into sachets.


STEP 1: Cut. To make hanger pattern, place hanger on paper. Draw around one half, rounding end. Add 1/2" all around drawn pattern for seam allowance. Cut pattern from each fabric, reverse pattern, and repeat. Cut sixteen pattern pieces from quilt batt. Cut ribbon into two 18" lengths.

STEP 2: Assemble. Glue one layer of quilt batt pieces to each hanger front and back. Glue over edges of hanger. Repeat with second layer of quilt batt. Align matching fabric pieces in pairs with right sides together. Sew 1/4" seam all around leaving straight end open. Turn right side out. Repeat for remaining three pairs. Press under 1/4" on open ends of each piece.

STEP 3: Cover hanger. Slide a sewn piece over end of hanger, pulling gently to fit to center of hanger. Repeat for opposite end of hanger. Glue fabrics together where they meet at center of hanger. Beginning at hanger hook at back of hanger, glue ribbon end wrap around one side, bring up around opposite side, and glue at back of hanger. Trim off excess ribbon. Tie excess ribbon piece around hanger in bow. Trim ends. Repeat for second hanger.


STEP 1: Cut pieces. Use dress pattern to cut out two dresses each from green and teal. Cut one 1/4" x 2" waistband each from pink and teal. Cut one bottom ruffle each from pink and green, using lower portion of pattern. Cut one long edge of bottom edges with scallop scissors. Cut 1/8" ribbon piece in half.

STEP 2: Sew dresses. Glue waistbands in place, pink on teal and teal on green dress. Align dress pieces together. Blanket stitch with orange around green dress and pink around teal dress leaving bottom open. At center top of each dress insert ribbon loop knot into neck and finish blanket stitching.

STEP 3: Finish. Stuff dresses gently. Insert bottom ruffle pieces 1/2" into dress bottom. Topstitch with floss across bottom of each dress. Glue small buttons to bodice of dress and flower buttons to waistband. Loop dress over hanger.

*The following products were used for this project: Bazooples flower buttons available from Buttons Galore • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-tac fabric glue • Fairfield polyester stuffing • Fiskars scallop scissors • National Nonwovens Wool felt.

Beacon Adhesives, Inc.
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Buttons Galore
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Fairfield Processing Corp.
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National Nonwovens
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  1. Very cute idea...maybe my daughters would actually hang-up their clothes if they had these kind of hangers...


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