Friday, April 30, 2010

My Frugal Family's Last Birthday Week Giveaway!!

It's here- Friday!
The last day of My Frugal Family Birthday Week giveaways.
I hope you have all enjoyed them as much as I have.

Today's prize comes from Rose at Really Rosey.
She's volunteered up a cute little peach diaper clutch Grab & Go. The Grab & Go clutch is a fabric clutch with a Velcro closure that fits a few diapers, and a pack of to-go baby wipes.
Perfect for keeping in the car for emergencies!

The only way to get this is to visit My Frugal Family.

Today is also the LAST day to enter the first contest, so if you haven't entered yet, make sure to go back and do so! The only way to win a prize is by entering!! (well, and then winning!)

Each of the contests ends at different times, so be sure to enter now so you don't miss out!

Giveaway #1-Fabric Jewelry, Ends 5/01
Giveaway #2-Pleated Purse, Ends 5/02
Giveaway #3-Stuffed Animal Baby Toy, Ends 5/03
Giveaway #4- Baby Bib Clips, Ends 5/03
Giveaway #5- Choice Of Prize, Ends 5/04
Giveaway #6- Handmade Jewelry, Ends 5/05
Giveaway #7- Fabric Flowers, Ends 5/06
Giveaway #8- Diaper Clutch & Go, Ends 5/07

Starting tomorrow, winners will be drawn each day until next Friday. The winners will be contacted via email, and announced here on my blog. We need to hear from the winner within 3 days, or a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. Thanks for the link up to the great giveaways at My Frugal Family. Thanks for stopping by my little old blog too.


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