Monday, April 26, 2010

My Frugal Family Giveaway #4

This is day 3 of the birthday giveaway over at My Frugal Family. And for today's second giveaway, it's a contest win that comes from Heather at My Frugal Family!

For this contest, the winner gets to choose a pair of bib clips from her stash!

Bib clips are fun little things. It's two clips attached to a length of ribbon. You use it to turn anything from a napkin, to a dishtowel, to a burp rag into a bib on the fly. These are fantastic for keeping in your diaper bag for when your little one makes a big mess out of their bib. The winner can choose 2 clips from her stash- she has several available right now!

The only way you can get a pair of bib clips,
is by visiting My Frugal Family and entering.

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