Descriptive Essay

Grandma's House

     The front of the house was a pale yellow in color with white trim. There was a small wooden fence that surrounded the front yard. The beautiful wild roses engulfed parts of the fence. There was a giant palm tree in the middle of the lawn. It was circled by a unique rock garden that had actual dinosaur tracts among the shells and small dessert plants. There was a wishing well near the front door that was overflowing with flowers.

     As you walked through the front door you notice all the family pictures in their gold antique frame that line the walls. Directly in front of you is the giant old grandfather clock. The living room is full of all kind of elephants that have been collected over the years. The furniture is large but comfortable covered with fabric of gold and blue. The overstuffed chairs face a console television which sits next to the sliding glass door. The large glass door gives you a view of the back yard.

    The kitchen is very simple with its gold counter tops and appliances. There is always a fresh brewed pot of coffee on in case company stops by. The kitchen is spotless never any dishes in sight. The counter was long and made of gold colored tile. It was open so you could see into the family room and down the hall to the bedrooms. The bedrooms were of average size with large windows. The master bedroom had blue velvet curtains that matched the king size blue velvet bedspread. The other bedroom had an old handmade quilt that covered a double bed. The furniture was simple but functional. Both of the rooms made you feel cozy.


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