Thursday, March 11, 2010

Narrative Essay

A Trip to the Vet

     It was New Years Eve, over ten years ago. My cat Spazz became very sick. When I left that morning to go to the barn, Spazz was sleeping quietly on the bed. Later that day, my husband called me, he thought that Spazz might be sick. He had not moved all day, and my husband could not get him to eat or drink. When I got to the house, Spazz was limp and he had no energy. His gums were almost white; I knew for sure he was sick. He looked so weak, so I wrapped him up in his blanket and my husband drove us to the vet.

     It was after six p.m., our Vet’s office had already closed. We had to take him to the Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in Monterey. I had to pay two hundred and seventy five dollars just to have him seen. The vet took x-rays of his stomach. He said he could have swallowed something. He also ran some tests. The vet was trying to figure out what was wrong with Spazz. All of the tests and x-rays were normal. The vet could not diagnose the problem and I was starting to get worried. I was fearful that I might have to euthanize him. It was after midnight when the vet said that Spazz would have to stay overnight. Spazz still would not eat or drink. He had to have an I.V. to keep him hydrated. I did not want to leave him; he was just a kitten and looked so frail. I left his blanket with him, so he would have something familiar from home. The vet assistant said that I would be updated on his progress.

     I could not sleep the rest of the night. I had called the office twice. Spazz’s condition had not changed. I was really starting to think he was not going to make it. When I talked to the vet’s office in the morning, Spazz was doing much better. The vet thought he might have food poisoning. I went outside and looked around. I found a carton of unfinished Chinese food. I told the vet what I had found. He said, that if Spazz had eaten the Chinese food, it could have made him sick. The vet still did not know what the cause was for him getting sick. But since he had improved tremendously, he would let him come home. I was able to bring him home later that day. I was so relieved that he was home. I made a decision. Spazz was not allowed to go outside anymore. He is now a full time indoor cat.

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