Monday, March 15, 2010

My son's birthday.....

Well today is my son's 20th birthday. Boy do they grow up fast. Seems like just yesterday he was starting kindergarten. He goes to the same college that I do, so at least I get to see him often. He moved out in January, I miss having him around. At least he calls me weekly. I guess you have to let them go sometime. He knows he is always welcome back home if he can't make it on his own. Here he is, not the best picture. He has changed his hair and style since this was taken. This was taken last summer when he was in a band. Now he all cleaned up for the business world. Will have to get a current picture.


  1. Awl Veronica, This is so cute! My oldest Grandson will be 22 on the 28th of march, my oldest(girl)will be 42 on the 21st of march.
    I have to learn how to do this (blog)so I can share with my friends too.You have a lovely son that calls you.My son is not so much like that.He's married and has a family of his own now.My girl lives way away from me and she calls regularly.
    Thank you so much for sharing with me.

  2. Hi Veronica -

    My oldest is out of college and youngest is a sophmore. I am gathering photos to do a post on how it seems they grew up so fast. It is nice you get to see your son every once in awhile.


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